March 10, 2011

Well, well, well! Long time no talk! I wish I could say I’ve been down in Florida competing in the Wellington Classic, but alas…that would be a lie and I try not to do things as evil as that.

Unless you’re my mom, and then I’ll lie to you through my straight white teeth!

Like yesterday. She came out all excited to ride me. Something about it being her day-of-birth and also a day-off from work. Well, I told her my back hurt. Which was partially true, but the real truth was I was just plain itchy. She put my rug back on wrong the other day, methinks, which combed the last bit of my mane down near my withers to the wrong side. It hurt a little, maybe, but I was more itchy than anything. Regardless, the saddle pad tickled me just enough that my show of trying to shake off the saddle repeatedly got my point across.

It worked, because then she just spent a half hour itchy my itchies.

Life is good.

Actually, that’s a lie. There’s too much snow and I’m through with it. 2 feet the other day on top of the 2 feet that were already on the ground, and as I type it’s raining. I am not amused, mother is not amused, and I don’t think anyone else is, either.

Hmm, what else? With the weather being what it’s been (cold and snowy,) February was basically vacation for me. Mom made it out not much more than once a week, it was so bitter. I enjoyed the rest and relaxation, but am glad I’m starting to see her more often lately. I’ve really impressed her by behaving myself so well with all of the time off. I’m understanding leg yielding, shoulder in, bending and giving to the bit and coming round and using myself more than ever, and t’other day even cantered the entire length of the longside. She’s started really emphasizing the leg-yielding lately, too – making sure I’m crossing in front and staying straight. Something about working towards half-pass…?

I’ll leave you with this really boring video. Mom started the black box before our ride and just left it on the mounting block, so half the video there was no sight of us and the other half we were just doing the same thing anyway. Ma edited it so the blank spaces are all out, but it’s still pretty dull…as in, once you’ve seen the first ten seconds you’ve seen it all. Whatever. I don’t get it, but Ma says it helps her to know “where she’s at.”

Uh, d’uh. You’re on top of my back.

But, oh, well. Just keep the cookies coming and I’ll keep on-a-trottin’.

Until next time,



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Feb 03 2011

Well. It’s been a busy January and February so far, hasn’t it?

And by busy, I mean, I’ve been busy with my hay roll. Eating. With my mares.

Because mother complains it’s too cold to do much. Still. Oh, and throw in those blizzards we’ve had. My previously stunning physique and topline is turning into more hair and neck blubber. The most work I do these days is flexing my neck muscles so I can get to the best bite of hay.

Sigh. I guess it’s not so bad. Mom came out last week and I behaved very well for her. I never thought I’d say it, but I sort of miss working. She keeps saying something about it being okay, though – that we’ll make up for it soon. Apparently spring is on its way. Maybe Spring means I get ridden more? Anyways – the couple times she rode me last week, I was so well behaved that I even humored her with a pretty good canter in each direction. I guess canter really isn’t so bad…somedays.

Either way…I was thrilled when mom came out earlier today and took me for a ride in the snow!

She kept grumbling that I was being rude and not waiting for her while she tried to climb atop my back, but she’s the one who chose to dress like the abominable snowman. I have a two second rule for mounting. If you’re not on in two seconds, I walk. When we’re outside, anyways.

Other than that, I think I humored her pretty well. The two brunette mares were running all about and snorting as soon as they saw my handsome mug, but I just flexed my ahem topline and did a little prance about to show off just a hair. Mom was expecting me to go a-runnin’, I think.

Uhhh, hellooo, I’m swimming in snow, I’d like to see you run through it.

Afterwards, she gave me lots of cookies, kisses and scritches and said we’d be doing that again soon.

I’m not sure about that. I think trudging through that snow was harder work than the indoor! Maybe that’s her ploy…to get me to realize I love this thing they call dressage…

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Is There Anybody Out There?

I think I’ve been abandoned again.

Just when I think I’ve finally found someone who loves me, I get left for good again.

I haven’t seen mother in a whole week! Well, a week in horse-time…that’s probably more like…a couple of days for you humans.

I don’t know why, but I do know it’s been a cold and miserable time while she’s been gone. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t been here…it’s cold and miserable. Helloooo, mother, I’m living outside in it, I think you can get off your couch and step away from eating the sweet potatoes and at least come say “hi, Teddie!” to me. It’d at least warm my heart because for the love of Pete, everything else is frozen.

Hmph. I’ll show her not to give me a week off…

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Videos of Me!

Whew! What a week!

Mother’s been whipping me into shape. Er, maybe not literally…but figuratively, most definitely! She wasn’t kidding when she said we’d be back to work before we knew it.

Lets see…Tuesday she came out but didn’t even ride me for more than five minutes. She said something about not being able to feel her hands because it was so cold. Um, hello, mom. I live outside in it and I’m not complaining. She always makes fun of how hairy I am, but she shant laugh if it’s what keeps me warm! I don’t know why she doesn’t just grow lots of hair on her legs and face.

Wednesday she had the grain lady ride me, and apparently I was wonderful. I heard her raving about me to her on Thursday, when mother rode me again. And then mom and grandma came to play with me a bit on Friday. It was nice – mother used to always come out just to brush me but not ride me…but ever since it’s gotten colder she’s just been cleaning up my house and not brushing me. It feels good to get that scritchy rug off, mother! I love my big manly chest getting massaged.

Mom and grandma came out again yesterday (Saturday) too. This time gramma had the big noisy black box again, and she captured some of my antics, as you see below.

See, I alwaysput up a fuss for the first five minutes or so, just to make sure whoever’s on me reallllly wants me to work. I’ve seen that same corner every other day for the past year of my life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t claim it to be terribly frightening.

I know mother is easier to try and take advantage of, but even she is getting more firm with me. Maybe someday I’ll just be ready to get right to work…but it requires some thinking. It would use less energy, I guess….even though I was full of myself yesterday. Mother was surprised, but I think she was glad to see it, too.

And that’s just so you know I can behave myself, too. Mother is proud of how I am doing. I wish I could say the same for her. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got a monkey on my back! She claims she’s working on her many flaws, but says that “old habits die hard.” I guess I should cut her some slack – I mean, I still put up a fuss for the first five minutes, right? Right.


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The Other 5%

There really is a Santa Claus!!!!!

I heard the bells on the reindeer and their clambers on the barntop all night long. Er, at least for as long as they were stuffing my stocking. With homemade cookies!!!!!! They were so good, but maybe not as good as the Kashi cereal mother sometimes brings me, but ends up eating most of it herself. Rather rude if you ask me.

But anyways. Santa didn’t bring too much (I guess I haven’t been on my best behavior…) but I was happy with just cookies, anyways. Mom told me I better like them after she used the last of her expensive moo-lasses in them, and I do.

She came out with Grandma yesterday, who held the noisy black thing while we rode. I made sure I looked fancy for it, and behaved 95% of the time.

The other 5% was when we were at the scary far side of the arena and I was sure the little bit of snow that snuck underneath the door was going to eat me.

Mom said it was the same as the stuff I walk through everywhere else, but she just doesn’t. under. stand. It doesn’t belong in the indoor. It belongs outside, so no, it’s not the same, mother.

The stuff in the indoor will eat us, and that is that. You hoomans are so gosh darn irrational sometimes!

Anyways. I impressed her with my leg yield and shoulder-in abilities, as well as even cantering some! She was quite proud, because she knows how much it frustrates me. I just can’t quite figgur out what my stubby little legs are supposed to do!! I’ll get it, though.

Here I am, looking mighty handsome! I have to make up for mother's dork-hat. She says it keeps her face warm. Uhh, hellooo, you don't give me a hat!

Oh good gracious, I am cute when I'm behaving, aren't I?!Maybe I ought to do that more often! ...maybe.

I'm performing well, I just wish mother would sit up! She doesn't need to become a pretzel just because she wants me to do a shoulder-in. Hoomans...if you look close enough, she's even got a crazed look in her eye! Don't eat me, momma!!

tee-hee....see, I know mother's more apt to let me get away with being naughty...that inside leg ain't as strong as the grain lady's! muahaha

Anywho. That’s all for now! p.s. mother said I’m really hairy. I think she’s just jealous. Am I hairy?!

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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I know I am a little tardy, but I am writing to let you know of the things I wish for this Christmas. I know, I know, you’re already halfway around the world and have no time left for shopping, but I was thinking maybe if you told my mother to get me the following things, it would work just the same.

Now, I know mother already claimed my new bridle was my Christmas present, but I really don’t find that fair. A new bridle is not on my list, I don’t care how dashing it makes my noble head look. I mean, really. She could have a bridle made of dayglo orange nylon and all people would see was my charming good looks. I can see right through you, mother. I know you’re just using me as an excuse by saying that I wanted a new bridle for Christmas. You really just needed an out so that you didn’t seem so greedy, buying things for yourself after Thanksgiving.

Anyways. That came across a little more hostile than I intended. I’m really not that upset. However, if I could be granted the following things, I would be so happy I might roll in my own poop with glee.

  • A new jolly ball. Or at least something new that I can destroy. I really love playing with the feed buckets in the morning. I think I spend more time throwing them about and chewing them than I do actually eating. I’m not sure if a jolly ball will be quite as much fun as a feed bucket simply because a jolly ball is meant to be destroyed and grain buckets are not, but I digress. Something to play with and/or destroy both make my list.
  • Some of mother’s homemade cookies. She bakes at least once a week for everyone else, and I heard she baked 7 different things for her friends and coworkers this Christmas. Uhhh, hi, mom…am I not the one you see and kiss every day? The one who’s got your back no matter what? Where are my cookies?
  • A new halter nameplate. Mother keeps talking about getting me one, but has yet to actually do so. She does things like that a lot. Either way, I feel a little foolish being the only nameless horse on the premises. Well, we know I’m not nameless, but no-one else does. Mother might like it to say “Winston HAB,” but if you ask me, just “Teddie” is fine.
  • More cookies. Oh, wait, I said that already…hmm…
  • The scary things to be out of the corners. Please and thank you.
  • More time with mother. She said this will happen after Christmas anyway, though, so I’m not sure it’s worth worrying about.
  • More cookies.
  • More rubs with the blue brush on my belly and chest. And ears. Or anywhere, really.

I’m really not too picky, as you can see, Santa. But cookies are the way to my heart.

With love,

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Mother’s still been rather absent around here lately. I still see her every  morning, but it’s not the same. I love when she dotes on me during the week and lets me get naked. I really prefer going commando, as this blanket gets rather scritchy-scratchy. It’s been cold though, so I’ve yet to rip it to shreds. I just wish I could get rubs more often, I suppose.

Instead of mother, the grain lady’s been riding me once during the week. At first, I was 100% opposed to the idea and reverted to my old tricks; bowling through her when she went to bridle me, being beligerant on the ground, and fidgeting every which way as she went to mount me. I also decided to play the “The blue tarp hath monstars!” game, and at one point made her think I was going to send her for a ride of her own.

But, I wisened up. I knew mum wouldn’t be happy to hear I was being obnoxious, and settled in. I decided to behave this week, too. I didn’t even bother to put up a fuss. It’s too much energy. And besides, I really don’t mind work, I’m realizing.

I was even good for mother today, even if I do have a little bit of a grudge that she’s paying more attention to things that are obviously not as cute and important as me. She didn’t used to be as demanding of me as the grain lady but she’s starting to make me work just as hard!

I heard her conversing with the grain lady about going to some dressage camp where they ride twice a day for three days, too. In lessons, no less! And away from the safety of home. Man, I feel bad for those horses! That sounds an awful lot like work…hey…

…oh, no. I bet mum’s got this idea that she’s taking me to one. I can’t let this happen. Can I?!

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